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"Miss Joy,

Thank you for being such a powerful teacher and example for our daughter!"

"Miss Angela, thank you for making tumbling fun and for stealing the show!"

"This studio is just different: fun, friendly, professional, and always doing something!  Thank you for making the parades so fun!"

"We love Michelle!  Thank you for always being there in the office and for being so friendly."

"Ms. Joy and Mr. B are so friendly to everyone. Ms. Joy is really good with the little ones." ~ T.H.

"We love the instructors.  They are all so nice and good with the kids."  ~C.S.

"Your studio is just different.  Thank you for making dance fun again and for having such incredible teachers!"


Founded upon the premise of making dance fun for all ages, our studio doors opened seventeen years ago, under the name of Terrific Time Dance Studio.  Now, we are excited to serve you as Amherst Dance Academy!  A new name, but our foundation is the same.  We believe that dance is not just about competition, stage performance, and technique.  Dance is more powerful than that.  Don't get us wrong, though, we support and participate in competitions, performances, and dance recitals; and much of our class time is spent learning correct technique.  However, our main focus is making sure that the dancers learn to love dancing!  That means creating an environment that is positive and energetic.  We believe that each dancer should be given the opportunity to achieve something incredible, and this becomes possible when the environment reflects that the sky is the limit!


At Amherst Dance Academy, our goal is to provide dance education, miscellaneous dancewear, and personal growth opportunities at a competitive and affordable price.  We take pride in being able to offer our dancers more than what they would find at other studios.  We also take very seriously the environment and education your dancer receives.  Our goal is to provide a challenging, positive, and fun environment that is influential in the lives of our dancers as we teach and build in your dancer proper dance technique, respect, discipline, and self-esteem.  We believe even difficult things can be achieved when the bar is set high and and the door of opportunity is left wide open for the dancer to walk through it.



Thank you for your interest in dancing with us.  We accept registrations at different points throughout the year.  You may register for Fall/Spring (the whole year), summer camps, or you may choose to view classes only for the Spring semester.  Our main session (Fall/Spring) matches the school year approximately with 14 weeks of guaranteed class in the Fall followed by 14 weeks in the Spring.  Our breaks usually match the local school system, and we typically build in approximately 3 extra weeks in the Spring to allow for an unpredictable winter season.  We do not pro-rate our classes, so eventually we will encourage dancers to just wait and sign up for our next session if dances are already underway and recital is approaching.


Our typical enrollment periods are as follows:   

  • July - September: enroll for the full year of dance through May
  • December - February: enroll for Spring semester only.  Classes are not pro-rated and tuition is based on five months of class (January - May)
  • April - July: Sign up for summer dance camps!

Please note that active dancers in our Fall and/or Spring sessions receive pre-enrollment privileges for the next season where they can choose their classes and register before classes open to the public.  Summer camp dancers can enjoy enrollment for regular classes after the pre-enrollment period is over.  

  Registration begins for the next school year begins soon!

June 15 - Pre-enrollment for current dancers

July 1 - new dancers