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"Miss Joy,

Thank you for being such a powerful teacher and example for our daughter!"

"Miss Angela, thank you for making tumbling fun and for stealing the show!"

"This studio is just different: fun, friendly, professional, and always doing something!  Thank you for making the parades so fun!"

"We love Michelle!  Thank you for always being there in the office and for being so friendly."

"Ms. Joy and Mr. B are so friendly to everyone. Ms. Joy is really good with the little ones." ~ T.H.

"We love the instructors.  They are all so nice and good with the kids."  ~C.S.

"Your studio is just different.  Thank you for making dance fun again and for having such incredible teachers!"


Founded upon the premise of making dance fun for all ages, our studio doors opened seventeen years ago, under the name of Terrific Time Dance Studio.  Now, we are excited to serve you as Amherst Dance Academy!  A new name, but our foundation is the same.  We believe that dance is not just about competition, stage performance, and technique.  Dance is more powerful than that.  Don't get us wrong, though, we support and participate in competitions, performances, and dance recitals; and much of our class time is spent learning correct technique.  However, our main focus is making sure that the dancers learn to love dancing!  That means creating an environment that is positive and energetic.  We believe that each dancer should be given the opportunity to achieve something incredible, and this becomes possible when the environment reflects that the sky is the limit!


At Amherst Dance Academy, our goal is to provide dance education, miscellaneous dancewear, and personal growth opportunities at a competitive and affordable price.  We take pride in being able to offer our dancers more than what they would find at other studios.  We also take very seriously the environment and education your dancer receives.  Our goal is to provide a challenging, positive, and fun environment that is influential in the lives of our dancers as we teach and build in your dancer proper dance technique, respect, discipline, and self-esteem.  We believe even difficult things can be achieved when the bar is set high and and the door of opportunity is left wide open for the dancer to walk through it.







Dear Future Sponsor, 

At Amherst Dance Academy, we believe in strengthening and 

building our community through the children and youth. The dance team 

opportunity we provide opens a wide array of doors for our dancers to explore as they build self-esteem, community awareness, discipline, work ethic, commitment, and they learn how to serve their other team members by giving up other events for the sake of the team. We strive to play a major role in developing these dancers into a well-rounded person that performs well in public and are confident with the task that is set before them. 

To further build their community participation and public awareness, we are inviting you to also be a part of their lives by sponsoring them as they continue to go the extra mile on the dance team. Each family makes a large sacrifice both financially and physically as they make every event a priority, not to mention the rehearsals, the travel schedule in the Spring, and also the extra classes that these dancers are required to take to improve their skills. So, what is the bottom line? As a dance studio, we are striving to empower our dancers with much more than just dancing skills. We want to see them excel in life. Our invitation to you is to come along beside us and sponsor a dancer on team to stand with them as a family member, friend, busi-ness sponsor, or fellow co-worker. Not only will this broaden the perspective of community within the dancer, but it will also enable the dancer and his/her family to continue towards the goal in raising a successful, confident, and talented child that can and will make a difference in our community. 

If you would like more information regarding this team opportunity or have any ques-tions regarding the sponsoring of a dancer, please feel free to contact us at any time. Ask for Jason Buendorf when calling. You may also visit our website ad view information about team on our website at 


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