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"Miss Joy,

Thank you for being such a powerful teacher and example for our daughter!"

"Miss Angela, thank you for making tumbling fun and for stealing the show!"

"This studio is just different: fun, friendly, professional, and always doing something!  Thank you for making the parades so fun!"

"We love Michelle!  Thank you for always being there in the office and for being so friendly."

"Ms. Joy and Mr. B are so friendly to everyone. Ms. Joy is really good with the little ones." ~ T.H.

"We love the instructors.  They are all so nice and good with the kids."  ~C.S.

"Your studio is just different.  Thank you for making dance fun again and for having such incredible teachers!"


Founded upon the premise of making dance fun for all ages, our studio doors opened seventeen years ago, under the name of Terrific Time Dance Studio.  Now, we are excited to serve you as Amherst Dance Academy!  A new name, but our foundation is the same.  We believe that dance is not just about competition, stage performance, and technique.  Dance is more powerful than that.  Don't get us wrong, though, we support and participate in competitions, performances, and dance recitals; and much of our class time is spent learning correct technique.  However, our main focus is making sure that the dancers learn to love dancing!  That means creating an environment that is positive and energetic.  We believe that each dancer should be given the opportunity to achieve something incredible, and this becomes possible when the environment reflects that the sky is the limit!


At Amherst Dance Academy, our goal is to provide dance education, miscellaneous dancewear, and personal growth opportunities at a competitive and affordable price.  We take pride in being able to offer our dancers more than what they would find at other studios.  We also take very seriously the environment and education your dancer receives.  Our goal is to provide a challenging, positive, and fun environment that is influential in the lives of our dancers as we teach and build in your dancer proper dance technique, respect, discipline, and self-esteem.  We believe even difficult things can be achieved when the bar is set high and and the door of opportunity is left wide open for the dancer to walk through it.



Download the Ballet Exam Brochure Here

Ballet all around the world is taught with a syllabus.  The syllabus is a tool for both teachers and students; the yearly examination system promotes accountability in each student, providing them with detailed goals that help them develop their skills.  The grade-level specified work provides a firm and structured curriculum so that parents and teachers know what is being taught.

 Here at Amherst Dance Academy, we are working at making fond memories of ballet - cultivating the love of dance.  Research for a syllabus that is based on encouragement, building confidence, and accepting of all body types, led us to the SCB syllabus.  The use of this syllabus will really strengthen your dancer and will continue to keep the positive atmosphere that we all recognize here at ADA.  This syllabus is not the only ballet syllabus available to studios, but the difference with the SCB syllabus, is that it allows for all types of dancers – recreational and those headed toward being a professional ballerina.  This syllabus has been in use internationally for over a decade.



The purpose of the yearly exams is to give both students and parents a common goal to work towards. It is through the examinations that these goals are fulfilled, and the achievements become a source of inspiration.



  • Exam registration fees are posted with tuition in October.  Ballet exam fees may be paid at the rates below between October through December (recital):

                 Beginners:    $25                   Grade 4:  $45

                 Primary        $28                    Level 5:  $55

                 Grade 1:       $35                    Level 6:  $65

                 Grade 2:       $38                   Level 7:  $75

                 Grade 3:       $40                   Level 8:  $100

  • Exam preparation classes

These classes are highly recommended as on average 70% improvement takes place during this preparation time.  These 4 extra classes start in February or March.  All four classes are included in the flat rate of $30.  These classes are not pro-rated.  To sign up for the ballet exam preparation classes, please click on the "enroll now" button below:

  • Class music deposit

Class music will be made available for students interested in using music as they practice at home.  A $5 cash-only deposit will be collected for the class music, and $5 cash will be returned to you once the CD has been returned.  This opportunity is optional, and CD’s will be available during the practice period.

More questions? 

  • Do I have to take the exam preparation classes?
  • When are these classes scheduled?
  • Who actually is the examiner?
  • Is this like a test in school?
  • What is the dress code?


Exams are an exciting occasion.  It is a formal occasion where dancers look their best, and perform their year’s work for the examiner.  The dancers always look forward to exams. 

What makes a dancer ready for an exam?

  • A dancer is ready for an exam when they can correctly execute all of their class work.


A lot of development can be expected by age, so for the young ones, there is an age requirement that needs to be met.

Beginner Exam: Age 5 (by last August)

Pre-primary Exam: Age 6 (by last August)

Primary Exam: Age 7 (by last August)

Grade 1 Exam: Age 8 (by last August)

As children grow and develop in strength, flexibility, and poise, we as teachers are quickly reminded that each and every dancer is vastly different in the speed of this growth.  So, each year, the teachers individually evaluate each student to make sure that the ballet exam – and the next level up in ballet, is truly the best experience for each dancer.