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"Miss Joy,

Thank you for being such a powerful teacher and example for our daughter!"

"Miss Angela, thank you for making tumbling fun and for stealing the show!"

"This studio is just different: fun, friendly, professional, and always doing something!  Thank you for making the parades so fun!"

"We love Michelle!  Thank you for always being there in the office and for being so friendly."

"Ms. Joy and Mr. B are so friendly to everyone. Ms. Joy is really good with the little ones." ~ T.H.

"We love the instructors.  They are all so nice and good with the kids."  ~C.S.

"Your studio is just different.  Thank you for making dance fun again and for having such incredible teachers!"


Founded upon the premise of making dance fun for all ages, our studio doors opened seventeen years ago, under the name of Terrific Time Dance Studio.  Now, we are excited to serve you as Amherst Dance Academy!  A new name, but our foundation is the same.  We believe that dance is not just about competition, stage performance, and technique.  Dance is more powerful than that.  Don't get us wrong, though, we support and participate in competitions, performances, and dance recitals; and much of our class time is spent learning correct technique.  However, our main focus is making sure that the dancers learn to love dancing!  That means creating an environment that is positive and energetic.  We believe that each dancer should be given the opportunity to achieve something incredible, and this becomes possible when the environment reflects that the sky is the limit!


At Amherst Dance Academy, our goal is to provide dance education, miscellaneous dancewear, and personal growth opportunities at a competitive and affordable price.  We take pride in being able to offer our dancers more than what they would find at other studios.  We also take very seriously the environment and education your dancer receives.  Our goal is to provide a challenging, positive, and fun environment that is influential in the lives of our dancers as we teach and build in your dancer proper dance technique, respect, discipline, and self-esteem.  We believe even difficult things can be achieved when the bar is set high and and the door of opportunity is left wide open for the dancer to walk through it.

Studio Policies

At Amherst Dance Academy we strive to provide a professional environment that enables  the dancers to be instructed by high quality instructors and have fun at the same time.  To maintain this working environment, it is very important to abide by the policies so we can continue to provide this service to you.


  • · Abide by the class dress code at all times (tights, leotard, shoes, etc..)  If items have been forgotten, new items may be purchased or you may borrow items from another dancer if available.
  • · Hair is to be secured off of the face and neck before class begins.
  • · No gum, food, or drink in dance rooms.
  • · No street shoes on the dance floor
  • A 30-day written notice (mail or e-mail) to drop a class
  • A 30-day written notice (mail or e-mail) required if a dancer is not able to perform in recital.  Notification of known absense less than 30 days before the show date will result in a $25 choreography charge
  • · If you are late, please come in when there is a pause in the music to not interrupt the instruction.
  • · Be on time to pick up your dancer and call if you are running late.
  • No photography/videos allowed during a class through the viewing windows or inside the studio.

Upon arrival, no dancer may leave the building under any circumstances without a parent/legal guardian.


Recital Participation

All dancers have the opportunity to participate in 2 recitals each year (December and May).  Dances are choreographed and rehearsed to prepare for the show, so instructors plan on all dancers participating.  If your dancer will not be able to participate in the recital due to a schedule conflict, you must contact the studio at least 30 days prior to the show.  This guarantees instructors will have enough time to adjust the choreography and rearrange the positions of the dancers for the show.  Failure to notify the studio at least 30 days in advance will result in a charge of $25.  Family emergencies, illness, and injuries are exempt from this policy.  

The Christmas recital costume is borrowed for the show, and if not returned according to the instructions provided, a $25 fee will be applied to the account.  Costumes are purchased for the Spring recital and are paid for in November prior to the Spring semester.  Each dancer will receive a costume for each class in which he/she is enrolled at $50/costume.  Please note that this fee does increase to $65 once costumes have been ordered.  We also cannot guarantee that costumes ordered late will be available in time.  


Payment Policy

We have two payment plans available. You may either pay in full at the time of registration to receive 1 free registration fee ($45 value), or you may pay your tuition spread over 9 months with no interest charged. If you choose the 9 month payment plan, please be careful to make timely payments online via our website, bring it to the studio, mail it in, or call and pay over the phone. Monthly payments are due by the 10th of each month. Late payments will need to include a $10 late fee. Accounts with outstanding balances longer than 60 days may result in account inactivation and the dancer may not be able to continue attending class until the account is properly handled.

Accounts also must be paid in full prior to participating in a dance recital. Outstanding balances or excessive absences from class may result in missing the opportunity to perform in a dance recital.


Class Enrollment + Liability


I understand that by registering online, I am not guaranteed to receive the class that I have requested. I understand that class availability is partially determined by number enrolled, so some classes may be closed (full) while others may close due to low enrollment.  In any case, we will work with you to properly place your dancer, suggest an alternative class, or place you on a waiting list if you are not able to attend the classes of your choice.

Should you choose to withdraw from class at any time during the semester or school year, a written notice in the form of an e-mail, letter, or note given to staff at the studio front desk is required. This request must be made 30 days in advance to properly withdraw the student and adjust billing cycles and payment information accordingly. Regular tuition payments will continue as scheduled until the withdrawal is complete.  I understand that if a dancer misses a full month, monthly tuition is still due as tuition is based on the whole year for dancers.  Enrollment and instruction is based on the dance year (August - May).

Upon enrolling my dancer with Amherst Dance Academy, I hereby release Amherst Dance Academy of all liabilities related to taking dance class on the premises and off the premises if performing in an alternate location. This release shall include and not be limited to the following: injury, theft, damage to personal property, fraud, identify theft, cancellation of class or classes, and mis-use or mis conduct of dance equipment.